About Us

We are an airport management company, providing solutions in airport processes, with a wide range of specialized products and services. It has human talent of great expertise in the airport professional field, as well as, with state-of-the-art technological tools that support the administrative and operational systems for the sector, with criteria of innovation in the use of computer equipment and applications, which provide Our clients optimize and simplify complex corporate or institutional processes, guaranteeing better levels of productivity.

We are constantly in search of quality products that meet the requirements of the airport sector, providing our customers with excellent service.


Manage and continuously develop and effectively airport processes, in order to increase the profitability and productivity of the airport business


Establish ourselves as the leading company in the production of airport solutions worldwide.


SKYFLOT is a leading brand in the airport market, which offers technological solutions to operational and administrative processes, meeting the needs of our customers efficiently.

It has positioned itself in the market because it is an extraordinary tool that generates greater profitability, control and effective monitoring of the airport sector.
Currently it is recognized for its variety of products and services, such as: SKYFLOT - GENERAL AVIATION, SKYFLOT - COMMERCIAL AVIATION, SKYFLOT - COMMERCIALIZATION, SKYFLOT - COLLECTION, among others.

SKYFLOT is characterized by its:



Since it is an easy to use system that exponentially simplifies the work of our clients.


Because it is an interconnected intranet system, it has a greater capacity to respond (truthful and timely) to customers and / or users


Because it guarantees the confidentiality of contents and safeguards information, offering historical backups for the peace of mind of our clients.


Because it allows efficient control and monitoring of operations executed and registered at airports or institutions by our customers.


Our company offers the adequate advice for improvement in the operational and administrative processes of an airport, guaranteeing technological solutions, since we have a wide range of products and services that respond to market requirements.

We have the following solutions:

  • Administrative and Operational Systems for Airports, Airlines and Specialized Aeronautical Services Companies.
  • Marketing Systems.
  • Collection, Billing and Collection Systems.
  • Security systems.
  • Inventory Systems, among others. *